The basic rule of supply and demand is that you don't produce more of any product than you can sell or give away, be it automobiles, computers, pogo sticks or dogs and cats.  If you do, it shouldn’t become the responsibility of the taxpayer to deal with the excess—as it is with the over proliferation of dogs and cats and community-run shelters paid for by taxpayers.

       Legislators have never been shy in imposing taxes and regulations on every business and activity imaginable. Considering the costs to taxpayers and society, it borders on insanity to allow this activity, i.e. pet breeding, to continue to go unregulated.           

      Taxpayers and animal welfare advocates took a beating here in Oklahoma in 2004 when we at NOPO made our first attempt to introduce a sensible and comprehensive law aimed at reducing Oklahoma’s tremendous pet overpopulation problem.  Click here to view proposed Oklahoma law.  Next